Innovated by Inuit hunters, perfected by GEARLAB.


Kayaks today originated from Inuit aboriginals over a thousand years ago in present day Greenland. The kayak, invented by Inuit hunters to forage animals in the rough Northen Sea. The tool that they use to propel the kayaks is called Pautik, also known today as the Greenland Paddle.

GEARLAB’s First Year at Lumpy Waters Sea Kayak Symposium


"... Lumpy Waters is an aptly named gathering of paddlers seeking to advance their skills in rocks, waves, and caves. A combination of calm and rough water venues offer the opportunity for ..."Read All >

Recap Interview: Eighteen-year-old GEARLAB Athlete Alex Martin Completes First Solo Circumnavigation of Lake Winnipeg


"... this feeling of "Wow, I'm done already?" It's an incredibly beautiful lake to paddle. It's been a dream of mine to do this trip, and taking those last few strokes to the beach felt amazing ..."Read All >

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