Innovated by Inuit hunters, perfected by GEARLAB.


Kayaks today originated from Inuit aboriginals over a thousand years ago in present day Greenland. The kayak, invented by Inuit hunters to forage animals in the rough Northen Sea. The tool that they use to propel the kayaks is called Pautik, also known today as the Greenland Paddle.

First Impressions of the Gearlab Akiak Kayak Paddle

- Outside Online

"... the paddle looks sharp, with a clean finish that highlights the carbon shaft; it’s also remarkably light. After a few seconds using it I was impressed with the purchase it afforded …"Read All >

Outdoor Retailer Showcase: 4 Gear Tests at Demo Day


"... we took the Akiak for a spin and found the paddling experience to be a refreshing change of pace. The Akiak sliced quickly through the water, and its scant weight, at 880 grams, was apparent …"Read All >

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