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color :carbon black

size :

Nuka is GEARLAB's entry-level Greenland paddle offering beginners and recreational paddlers great value and paddling experience. The Nuka design derives from GEARLAB’s performance line, providing smooth and effortless paddling experience. The shoulderless design accommodates most body types and encourages paddlers to learn more advanced Greenland techniques.

  • 2-piece design for easy transportation and storage
  • GEARLAB's exclusive ratio of carbon blend and fiberglass
  • A wider loom accommodates modern kayaks


Diamond Joint (D-Joint)

As of mid-2016, all GEARLAB paddles are equipped with the patented GEARLAB Diamond joint (D-joint), which provides the sturdy feel of a one-piece paddle, and the transport and storage convenience of a two-piece paddle. The new D-joint is made out of titanium alloy to ensure the greatest strength and stiffness, while providing a light weight and corrosion resistance. The diamond joint shape provides a more secure connection inside the paddle when assembled because of its unique shape. This stabilizes the connection between the two paddle blades inside the loom beyond the round button clip that is located on the outside of the loom. In addition to preventing even minimal rotation shifting, the new joint is simpler to assemble if it is ever necessary to change the paddle clip located inside the loom.


Optional Accessory: Reflective Stickers

Reflective paddle stickers for the Nuka provide increased visibility and safety on the water. Available in orange, light gray and dark gray, the stickers are professionally applied at GEARLAB's factory and are designed to withstand constant water exposure.

Reflective paddle stickers may be bought at the time of paddle purchase for USD $9 on the following accessory page.

Specs of Nuka
Length (cm/inch)
210/82.5 215/84.5 220/86.5 225/88.5 230/90.5 235/92.5
Loom length (cm/inch)
48/18.9 49/19.3 50/19.7 51/20 52/20.5 57/22.4
Blade width (cm/inch)
Weight (g/oz)
870 (215cm) ± 35g
carbon fiber with glass fiber composite
Dimension figure
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