Paddle Tip Set (Flat)


Color: Set of 3 (Orange x1, Light Gray x1, Black x1)


Tip Shape:

GEARLAB’s signature paddle tips provides protection from rocks and ocean floors for the razor sharp carbon fiber blades.

Your choice of Round or Flat tip. Flat tips could provide greater stability when pushing off rocks in shallow water. Round tips extends the blade by 1cm (Size: S)/ 3cm (Size: L), extending your paddle and stroke.

  • Akiak and Nukilik paddles produced before February 2016 are custom made with either flat or round tips and cannot be changed interchanged. Only round tips (in any colour) may be installed on paddles produced with a round tip, and vice versa.
  • Akiak and Nukilik paddles produced after February 2016 allow for interchangeable tips. Round and flat tips of any color may be installed on the paddle.
  • All Kayakid and Aukaneck surfing paddles allow for round or flat tips to be interchanged.
  • Akiak and Nukilik blades: Please select Size: S
  • Kayakid and Aukaneck surf paddles: Please select Size: L
Specs of Paddle Tip Set (Round)
flat flat
Applicable model
Akiak, Nukilik, Nukilik Storm Kayakid, Aukaneck

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