Color: Carbon Black


GEARLAB is proud to introduce our first norsaq, the Pikatti. The Aleut and Inuit people used norsaqs as a leverage tool to add power when throwing harpoons. The dwarf paddle sat on top of their kayak and also helped them roll when their Greenland paddle was dropped. Norsaqs - also known as rolling sticks, rolling pins, throwing sticks, atlatl, and woomera - are now rarely used as originally intended with harpoons, but they remain a tool used in many styles of Greenland rolls.

Pikatti means “companion” in the Inuit language and, indeed, this norsaq serves as a paddler’s partner for challenging rolls. The Pikatti retains the traditional Inuit shape, but utilizes GEARLAB’s modern composite carbon fiber to produce a strong, light, and buoyant norsaq. With its catchy GEARLAB logo, the Pikatti is certain to be a fun norsaq for rolling.

GEARLAB recognizes that kayakers prefer different paddle materials, so offers the Pikatti in both Carbon fiber and Kevlar options. Both versions offer superior strength and performance on the water.

  • Pikatti, carbon
    Carbon fiber paddles are strong, stiff and light. They offer the greatest power in the water because of their stiffness and are excellent for all-day excursions because of their light weight. Carbon is slightly more brittle upon impact, but endures constant UV and water exposure the best.
  • Pikatti, kevlar
    Kevlar paddles are stronger on impact than carbon models and offer more flexibility with each stroke. Kevlar sustains impact best, but is more sensitive to UV light over time than other materials.


Specs of Pikatti
Length (cm/inch)
Width at top (cm/inch)
Width at bottom, grip area (cm/inch)
Weight (g/oz)
carbon fiber
Dimension figure

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