GEARLAB Aukaneck

- Ocean Paddler Magazine

In a previous issue, I reviewed GEARLAB’s AKIAK, NUKILIK and KAYAKID. All three designs offered something different to the Greenland paddler; the AKIAK offering the ... Read All >

Fall in love with my new kayaking tool - GEARLAB Akiak.

- David Haynes

I consider the gear that one uses to be a very personal thing. You build memories of each trip and associate them with each piece of gear. I was paddling that kayak, with that paddling jacket, in ... Read All >

GEARLAB PADDLES Akiak, Nukilik and Kayakid

- Ocean Paddler Magazine

Greenland paddles have always captured the imaginations of many due to the simplicity, feel and connection experienced by the budding paddler and the history and culture associated with them ... Read All >

Two Taiwanese neoclassical paddling enthusiasts and a carbon stick.

- Christopher Crowhurst

I first met Chungshih Sun and Henry Po Hsiang Chang for breakfast in the lobby restaurant at Hotel Novotel at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport in November, 2014. They were not hard to spot ... Read All >

A New Blade: How I finally became a Greenland paddle convert

- Canoe & Kayak Magazine

I was the last holdout among my family and friends, swearing for decades that my light carbon Euro-blade paddle was “better” than their crafty wooden Greenland paddles. I knew that they had spent ... Read All >

The Pikatti norsaq : a multi-purpose paddling tool

- Maureen Nowak

Members of the New Jersey Sea Kayak Association unanimously agreed that the Pikatti was the best norsaq that they had used for rolling. Paddlers reported that it’s light weight, strength, smooth ... Read All >